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photo Andy EMLER

Andy Emler is a pianist, organist, improviser, conductor and jazz composerjazz, born 12 March 1958 in Paris. He is the founder of MegaOctet, a big band jazz variable geometryjazz, which provides a framework for improvising musicians from both the classical, 6461jazz6522jazzdujazz
Andy Emler learned music by studying classical piano. In 1966, at the age of eight years, he met Marie-Louise Boëllmann, daughter of the organist and composer Léon Boëllmann, student and son of Gustave Lefèvre one of the founders of the Niedermeyer School of Paris, who became his piano teacher until 1975. She teaches him to read and instrumental technique, but especially the love of music and musicale1 improvisation.
The beginnings
En 1976, he formed a rock band with drummer François Verly2, where he became familiar with the transcripts "ear" and improvisation1. He entered the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris 1980 where he furthered his studies and harmony contrepoint3, and will meet with the jazz pianist and composer Antoine Hervé. Duo piano vibraphonejazz, they won both a prime counterpoint prices. One year later, he follows the class orchestration Marius Constant4. With this master of improvisation (Baroque music primarily) and his friend Antoine Hervé, he made his first encounters with the jazz5.jazz
En 1984, He conducts research on improvisation and creates Andy Emler Quintet with Marc Ducret (g), François Verly (d), François Chassagnite (t) and Philippe Talet (b), that bring new writing principles : tables replace partitions1. In parallel, he joined the big band as a pianist Antoine Hervé for two years.5. In 1985, Andy Emler meets Michel Portal with whom he will work for ten yearsMichel Portal ; they occur together in the big band of Antoine Hervé4 en 1984 et 1985.
En 1986, he is a member of the first National Jazz Orchestra (ONJ) under the direction of François Jeanneau4. He composed two pieces : Superfrigo and Motorcycle Nana5.
The MegaOctet
En 1989, Nominate Andy Emler to the direction of the NJO is denied. Responsible for its rock influences, pop, Song, jazz, Contemporary Music, He creates his own big band, the Andy Emler, with the Basque singer Beñat Achiary, guitarist Nguyên Lê, trombone and tuba player Michel Massot (en), saxophonists Philippe SellamPhilippe Sellam, and Simon Spang-Hanssen (de), bassist François Moutin, drummer Tony Rabeson, and percussionist François Verly.
Megabyte takes its name from the fact that it is made up of nine musicians, "One more than the normal byte »6, and refers to the unit of measurement in informatique7.
The presentation takes place in the MegaOctet 1989 on the stage of the Seals in Gemini. For over fifteen years, the MegaOctet work with relative indifference programmers, and it is finally 2008 he gets the critical and public success with a large number of prizes and awards.
The composition of the nine musicians MegaOctet changes with the years : more power in its infancy, big band became more acoustic, but still jovial and énergique7 ; from rock, thrash metal, 6522jazzdujazz, 6523popde lapop ou de la Contemporary Music, nearly a hundred musicians from different countries participated in MegaOctet from its débuts7. Include the notable presence of Mederic Collignon voice to replace Beñat Achiary, those of François Thuillier tuba replacing Michel Massot2, Thomas Pourquery instead of Simon Spang-Hanssen (de), Claude Tchamitchian instead of François Moutin.
Training and other activities
Parallel to MegaOctet, Andy Emler occurs with various groups and artists such as François Jeanneau quartet, the quartet of David Liebman, Michel Portal, Joachim Kühn, Daniel Humair, Denis Leloup, Lawrence Outside, Philippe Sellam, Trilok Gurtu, or the Percussions de Strasbourg.
He leads a pedagogue activity with the association Scene and Marnaise music creation and POM (Fucking Modular Orchestra)4 co-directed by Andy Emler, François Jeanneau and Philippe Mace), forming conservatoire teachers for improvisation, promoting the creation of bridges between classical music and jazz.jazz
from 2009, Andy Emler sometimes officiates on the organ of the Abbey of Royaumont6, having learned to work on this instrument for a year2. He lives in Lésigny (Seine-et-Marne) where it plays in the early 1980 with the local team basketball.
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cover BACK AND FORCE Robert Martin
Publisher : Robert Martin
Genre : Instrumental music
Group : Tuba & euphonium
Style & options : Euphonium and piano
(EMLE05533) : 24,22