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Saxophone method


Philippe GEISS et Christophe FOURMAUX

Musical news from

The Academy of Sciences, Belles-Lettres and Arts of Rouen has just awarded the Guérout prize to the CD dedicated to my string quartets.

A big thank you to the artists who recorded this record :

Kaoli Isshiki, soprano

and members of the Stanislas Quartet :

Laurent Causse and Bertrand Menut, violins

Marie Triplet, alto

Jean de Spengler, cello


I also want to thank

Philippe André, sound engineer

Pierre Albert Castanet, musicology

Frederic Khavessian, Forlane label (distribution DOM discs)


And those who through their work or support have allowed this project to be carried out : Catherine Bigel, Françoise Bruyelle, Fabienne Lavallée, Marianne Requena, Loïk Guillou, Regis David ...

And all the contributors who participated in the financing of this CD via the Ulule platform.


As well as

MFA, French Music of Today

FCM, Fund for Musical Creation

ADAMI, Civil society for the administration of the rights of artists and performers,

The Poirel Room and the City of Nancy


Les commanditaires des ?uvres présentes Sure ce CD :

Normandy Impressionist Festival, the Olvéa Group's Patron Fund, the City of Fécamp and the DRAC of Haute-Normandie.


And the score editors :

Editions Musicales Rubin (Robert Martin distributiondistribution)

Editions Jobert (The monk)


Recall that this record was the subject of three chronicles


on the Temporel websiteSure :

Reading note by Bernard Grasset


on the site ofSure Rouen on Scene :

From image to sound, from sound to color by Sophie Renée Bernard

Sure Resmusica :

The sensitive ropes of Dominique Lemaître by Michèle Tosi


This award will be officially presented during the solemn ceremony of the Academy Awards to be held on Saturday 14 December to 17 hours at the Hôtel des Sociétés Savantes, 190 rue Beauvoisine in Rouen.

This ceremony will be followed by a cocktail.

I will be happy to meet you on this occasion.

Dominique LEMAÎTREDominique LEMAÎTRE

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