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Un Ballet Imaginaire vol. 6

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cover Un Ballet Imaginaire vol. 6 Editions Robert Martin
Publisher : Editions Robert Martin
Grade : Cycle 2
Genre : Instrumental music
Group : Flute
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1. Ouverture
MP3 Sample
2. Bal des Servantes
MP3 Sample
3. Entrées des Officiers
MP3 Sample
4. Solo du Prince
MP3 Sample
5. Les Chasseurs
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6. Le Songe de la Belle
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7. Final
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After the revolution and the terror, a legitimate frenzy of pleasures and games seizes the French and mainly Parisians.
Wishing to forget the tragic pages of recent history, we ask about the dream ...
Romanticism was born on both sides of the Rhine.
Music and literature are the primary vectors, but any spectacle contributese; especially dance.
subject, sets and costumes correspond to the taste of the day. we turn to the fantastic gothic, ghost stories, the fairies, chivalrous epics, the charming princes,..

Pascal Proust
Google machine translation: Original story of the work
Barcode Un Ballet Imaginaire vol. 6

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