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*Marche de Babette (la), Tambours et Clairons
Patrimoine Robert Martin   The March of Babette , drum and bugle* for wind band
Set Wind Band (BECA00670-BA) : 67,64   Ajouter au panier

Full score (BECA00670-CO) : 22,37   Ajouter au panier

cover The March of Babette , drum and bugle Martin Musique
Gilbert BÉCAUD
Arr : Robert MARTIN

Publisher : Martin Musique
Grade : Or:1
Genre : Orchestra
Group : Wind band
Style & options : Concert marches

Patrimoine Robert Martin Robert Martin's patrimony :
Classified patrimony of our publishing which is 70 years old, this particular work
is published with look of partition and instrumentation of origin.

Barcode The March of Babette , drum and bugle

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