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cover SHALOM Editions Robert Martin
Publisher : Editions Robert Martin
Genre : Instrumental music
Group : Clarinet
Style & options : Clarinet and piano

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Piece for clarinet and piano cycle 1 Allexis CIESLA.
Alexis Ciesla studying in Lyon Geneva and Paris, where he won his first prize in clarinet and bass clarinet. He participates, In parallel, in time clarinet soloist, World Orchestra for Young Musicians and French Youth Orchestra. Attracted by the pedagogy, he won the State Diploma and Certificate of Ability to function clarinet teacher. He teaches at the Conservatory of Music of Saint-Priest (69) and works on innovative projects related to improvisation, visual arts, electroacoustic music, dance, street music ... The appeal of traditional and improvised music led him to found the "Doumka Clarinet Ensemble" with which he creates, in collaboration with percussionist Yuval Micenmacher shows such as "The Indian in the Red Sea" the "Cine-concert Dulac" ... participated in many festivals "Suburbs Blue" "Roaring 38th" ... gives concerts in France, in Morocco, Germany ... and recorded four albums "Music from Around Eastern Europe and Yiddish" "Café Rembrandt" (4894Enja RecordsEnja Records / 48954895Harmonia MundiHarmonia Mundi4895Harmonia MundiHarmonia Mundi) "The Seashell and the Clergyman" (Radio-France / Signature Collection / 48954895Harmonia MundiHarmonia Mundi4895Harmonia MundiHarmonia Mundi) "Afar" (4894Enja RecordsEnja Records / 48954895Harmonia MundiHarmonia Mundi4895Harmonia MundiHarmonia Mundi). It also works with the company " L'Air de Rien " on "Papillonnages" "Bruicollages albums» (song for children ), ABC Airs On the garden and "The Little King Benoit" song for children ), Greek singer Elisa Vellianiti on the album "Thief secrets", Ecole du Creusot Spectator, the theater company Michel Tallaron, cine-concert at the Musée d'Orsay with Josef and Yuval Micenmacher Ciesla (plastic) for the album "questions" ... He composed a "klezmer suite" for all saxophones and clarinets, several quartets, pieces for clarinet (or saxophone) and piano ... for editions "Advance Music."

http:/ / Alexisciesla.wordpress.com /
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