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Only You for wind band
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cover Only You Martin Musique
Buck RAM/Ande RAND
Arr : Robert FIENGA

Publisher : Martin Musique
Grade : Or:2+
Duration : 4'38
Genre : Orchestra
Group : Wind band
Style & options : Pop music

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First recorded by the vocal group The Platters in 1954 for the Federal label King, King boss, Syd Nathan, refused to publish because he found it too bad. Only You is re-recorded by the Platters 23 April 1955 for the label Mercury Records. The group is composed of Tony Williams, David Lynch, Herb Reed, Zola Taylor and Paul Robi. Their impresario Buck Ram piano.

The disc was released on 6 May 1955, Bark with rock, Battle Ball in front Bb And Only You in ranking Bestsellers rhythm 'n' blues 3 July and ranks first for seven weeks. It reached No. 5 rankings in all public 1956, where it remains thirty weeks. Recovery in fact the white group The Hilltoppers will not be able to outperform the original.

The Platters sing this song in the film Rock Around the Clock.
Google machine translation: Original story of the work
Barcode Only You

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