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Méthode Progressive
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cover Méthode Progressive Editions Robert Martin
Publisher : Editions Robert Martin
Grade : Cycle 1
Genre : Instrumental music
Group : Trumpet

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"Given the brevity of this text, we hope the students will learn about it. The aim of our method is to gradually lead beginners to the large technical works in use. It seemed to us that these works approached too quickly exercises requiring a too large extent and a resistance of the lips which the majority of the pupils cannot have. To achieve the E and F notes, above the tuning fork, some exercises are insufficient, as the professors note. It is necessary, in our opinion, present a graduated work allowing a rational development of the lips and the labial muscles.

We set the scope of this method to two octaves (from serious to acute soil); starting from mid mid we reach the limits by progressing in both directions (ascending and descending).

The scope of our instruments, surtout en ce qui concerne les ?uvres modernes pour trompette, increased by more than a third. If we also take into account the constant as well as unjustified rise of the tuning fork, resistance must be asked of the lips, which can only be obtained after an appropriate technical preparation. Also, the start of trumpet studies is of paramount importance for the future of the instrumentalist."

Julien Porret,
1st Prize for cornet, 1st Trumpet Prize at the CNSM in Paris
Google machine translation: Original story of the work
Barcode Méthode Progressive

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