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*Berceuse Pour Olivier
Lullaby for Olivier*
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cover Lullaby for Olivier Editions Robert Martin
Francine AUBIN
Publisher : Editions Robert Martin
Grade : Cycle 1
Genre : Instrumental music
Group : Oboe
Style & options : Oboe and piano

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Born 6 February 1938 in Paris, Francine Aubin obtained at the age of 20 years First Prize in Composition CNSMP in the class of his master Tony AUBIN, she became the wife. First woman to be awarded the CA Director and be named "Director" of the National Conservatory in France, she directed the Conservatory of Tourcoing, then that of 12th Paris and finally the Conservatoire National de Region de Rueil-Malmaison.
This musical career was voluntarily discontinued by the composer during 3 years (1970 - 1973) when Francine Aubin decided to devote himself to painting. In an exclusive contract to Wally Findley Gallery she exhibited in France and the United States under the artist name Tremblot.
But his passion for music not resuming fast on painting, she continued her musical career and job Director of Conservatory, s'intéressant parallèlement de plus en plus à la direction d'orchestre et à l'enseignement de l'écriture. Elle se remit à composer mais cette fois dans un style beaucoup plus romantique. Contrairement à son ?uvre « de jeunesse » influencée par la musique contemporaine des years 1960, his language became more tonal.
Today its a harmonic as melodic style is considered explains Francine Aubin, "The language that I use myself a very rare example. This style, however, say the critics and interpreters of the public is very personal. "Music Francine Aubin is recognized in the early steps : very expressive and melodic phrases sung, percussive rhythms, brilliant orchestration and especially a wealth of thematic invention, permettent à son ?uvre de toucher le c?ur du public. »
« La musique pour moi est faite avant tout pour émouvoir le c?ur et non pour exhiber des prouesses techniques d'écriture », can express the feelings that I want to share my performers and the public. "
Over the years, production of the composer becomes larger.
conductor, Francine Aubin leads the Symphony Orchestra of the Conservatory of Rueil-Malmaison.
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Barcode Lullaby for Olivier

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