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LE FORT DE VAUX for wind band
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cover LE FORT DE VAUX Robert Martin
Publisher : Robert Martin
Genre : Orchestra
Group : Wind band
Style & options : Military marches

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Fort Vaux Joseph Alazard
Joseph Christmas Alazard (1877-1958) is one of those musicians who show-military during the Great War. Student of Paul Vidal and Gabriel Parès, he is author of numerous pieces including the famous not stepped Saint-Cyr military vocation (1912). Bandmaster 1st class 52nd RI during the conflict, his military record reveals some brilliant actions which this quote to the order of his division : "Storming the 25. 7bre [1915], came out of the trench at the top of the music Regt and accompanied the attacking troops by playing the National Anthem. " Before VerdunVerdun, He is particularly noted in the service of ambulance abnegation. Gassed in May 1918, Great War Wounded, is made Chevalier of the Legion of Honor. Walking Fort Vaux is a testament tribute to the many military musicians spared little in this conflict and shows the famous slogan : Verdun, is not happening!
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