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*Intrada, Fa ou Mib
Intrada, F or Eb*
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cover Intrada, F or Eb Robert Martin
Pierre BIGOT
Publisher : Robert Martin
Grade : Cycle 1
Genre : Instrumental music
Group : Horn
Style & options : Horn and piano

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5466Pierre BigotDePierre Bigot, connoisseur of ancient music, Compere Josquin, if he had been his contemporary, could say : «... Pleurez de grosses larmes d'?il, the loss of one we have laid to rest. "
With the disappearance of Pierre BigotPierre Bigot, a strong advocate of music for wind instruments leaving. Etymologically "Bigot" comes from the old French Renaissance "by Got", which means "God" originates from the English expression.
Strange coincidence of fate for this fervent believer who was recalled to God, Easter Day, during Holy Week.
In the minds, the musical career of Pierre Bigot is closely associated with the Music of the National PolicePierre Bigot, he was the leader for many years. Having started his career as an officer of the National Police, Pierre Bigot, eminent musician, received 1964, the approval of the administration of the Ministry of Interior to hold the position of Deputy Chief (1964 à 1968) National Music (former Music National Security) before providing leadership (1968-1986), to the rank of chief superintendent.
At the head of this training, he made a considerable effort, the fruits of which have had the effect of hoisting the phalanx in the forefront of major national formations. During his long career, 5578Pierre BigotPierre Bigot, witnesses of his artistic mastery, on music for wind band, dédiés aux grandes ?uvres du répertoire classique, like the "Preludes" by Franz Liszt, he engraved in a particularly inspired version of, which was unanimously appreciated. It will also record several discs devoted to contemporary French music, he was particularly fond, with composers as diverse as Serge Lancen, Patrice Sciortino or Guy Luypaerts, composers he was the only one to save the day. To do this, he worked closely with the company Corélia. Thus, Music of the National Police was one of the very first musical groups to appear in the catalog of this label
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Barcode Intrada, F or Eb

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