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GUCA PRODZEKT Serbian Gypsy Music
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cover GUCA PRODZEKT Serbian Gypsy Music Robert Martin
Philippe LAYE/Sylvain GARGALIAN
Publisher : Robert Martin
Genre : Instrumental music
Group : Trumpet
Style & options : Trumpet ensemble

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for trumpet ensemble:
- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet 1 BbBbBbBbBb
- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet 2 BbBbBbBbBb
- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet 3 BbBbBbBbBb
- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet 4 BbBbBbBbBb
- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet 5 BbBbBbBbBb
- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet- Trumpet 6 in Bb or Trombone in C or Euphonium in BbBbBbBbBbBb ou Trombone en Ut ou Euphonium BbBbBbBbBb
- Drums.

Sylvain Gargalian and Philippe Laye are respectively accordion and clarinet teachers in the south of France (Marseille-Sorgue). Composers and arrangers for many years, they melt in 1998 the Nomadeus group with which their creativity around traditional music, klezmer, of Eastern Europe and Armenian will find boom and fulfillment.
In this new opus, Philippe and Sylvain chose the Balkans and the Trumpet. Balkan music draws its essence from both the traditional folklore of the different communities in this region, but also influences of Gypsies from India, long established and integrated in Slavic land.
Cette ?uvre, which is a personal composition, is directly inspired by this music that can be heard every year in August at the Guca festival, au c?ur de la Serbie, for an international speech where brass bands from around the world come "cross copper" to get the "golden trumpet".
Les auteurs ont également formulé un choix pédagogique permettant le temps de cette ?uvre, to bring together all the students of a trumpet class, from the start of the 1st cycle to the 3rd cycle.
Finally, it's a way to share their passion for these eternal music. No doubt you will find here some enchanting music, to interpret and transmit to your listeners.

The town of Guca is famous in Serbia, in the Balkans and around the world for its trumpet festival, in which several hundred thousand visitors participate each year.
The traditional Dragacevo trumpet - which has been around for almost 200 years despite political and social changes - became famous all over the world. The love of the inhabitants of the Dragacevo region for music - especially for the trumpet - started during the reign of Prince Milos Obrenovic who demanded, en 1831, the creation of a military orchestra. The trumpet imposed itself, until our days, as the best known instrument that accompanies traditional festivals. The sound of the trumpet once accompanied in Serbia the great events of life : births, baptisms, weddings, slava (the feast of saint protector of the house), leaving for the army, state and church holidays, the crops, the harvest and the funeral. Each event corresponds to a specific music retaining the spirit of tradition.
The first gathering of Dragacevo's trumpet players took place, in October 1961, dans le jardin de l'église des Saints Michel et Gabriel à Gu?a. Depuis lors, it is organized every year. In the beginning, it was a small gathering organized by the municipality and the local political authorities of the time. But the gathering grew and its influence went beyond the local then national framework.
During the festival, we can hear very diverse music from different regions and played for different occasions but they are always linked to traditional melodies. The participants - both players and spectators - come not only from Serbia but also from the rest of Europe and America. The virtuoso trumpet players are, most of the time, self-taught artists. They often play by ear, spontaneously, avec le c?ur et l'âme, but that does not detract from the quality of their service.
After 45 years of festival organization, it has earned its place in the world of music festivals. Boban Markovic, Milan Mladenovic, Ekrem Sajdic, Elvis Ajdinovic, Fejat and Zoran Sejdic have made the Guca Trumpet Festival famous worldwide. During a visit to the festival, Miles Davis said : "I didn't know you could play the trumpet this way."
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