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Douze Divertissements En Duos
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cover Douze Divertissements En Duos Editions Robert Martin
Publisher : Editions Robert Martin
Grade : Cycle 1
Genre : Instrumental music
Group : Horn
Style & options : Two, three, four horns

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Twelve Duos In Entertainment Julien PORRET.
This is an extraordinary adventure that happened to a French musician that classical music studies not predisposed to become one of the propagators of Jazz in France.jazz en France.
Julien Porret starts early musical studies, Theory andConeHornnetSolfège et ConeHornnet à pistons (only instrument available in the familyyears.years.la famille). Guided by his brother Armand, and his father, who also plays the instrument in harmonyyears.years.l’harmonie: "Siren Paris" (75014).
Encouraged by the conductor and musiciyears.years.Encouragé par le chef et les musiciens, prepares the Conservatory, and won first prize in hornConeHornnet en 1914 Conservatory of Music in Paris.
He composed his first piece: "Polka Humorous" played even today! This polka is decrypted by Jeanne Frankin, pianist, and daughter of his teacher cone Merry Frankin. Surprise that this piece is perfectly orchestratedConeHornnet Merry Frankin. Surprise de constater que ce morceau est parfaitement orchestré, She advises him to learn the pianoPiano, and studying harmony with an excellent teacher: Mr. Heurteur.
From 1912, he played in the orchestra of Luna Parkyears.years.l’orchestre de Luna Park, Porte Maillot, Skating and the Magic City, Cognacq Jay Street and many balls barriers to Luna Park. Already, the programs include Cakes Walks, Time then Rags, Introduction to American syncopated music. A 16 years.years. there is, of course, fascinated by this new form of music and, en 1913, he made a cake walk:"The Lucky Tramp" he carefully avoids showing the conservatory, because these new rhythms are hardly appreciated in the classroom.years.years.les classes.
En 1914 he obtained a first prize coneConeHornnet, but the outbreak of war. Too young to be mobilized, he played in the orchestras of silent films. Howeveryears.years.les orchestres des cinémas muets. Cependant, rhythmic music is increasingly requested by the public and by conductors who want to modernize their Repertoire; Julien made pieces new style: "Old Peter", "Jolly Boy", "Brooklin" et "Botany Bay". we do not talk about "jazz" since the word appears only to 1915 à Chicago. De quelle origine dérivée de Jezabel? de Jasbo Brown ?de Chas Washington? N'étant pas chauvins, we prefer the French word "Chat" which is widely used in New Orleyears.years.qui est très utilisé à la Nouvelle Orléyears.years., why not??
It was then that the French Government wishing to effect "Public Relation" United States, Gabriel Pares burden to establish a harmony "The French Army Band" and organize a concert tour in New York, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco. Julien was hired as principalConeHornnetChicago et San-Francisco. Julien est engagé commeConeHornnet solo. Cette tournée n’est pas innocente, it just support a request for assistance from more pressing, because France is losing momentum in this terrible war and military and industrial support of the United States becomes indispensable.Enyears.years.cette terrible guerre et l’appuis militaire et industriel des Etats-Unis devient indispensable.En 1915 the band moved to New York and immediately concerts succeed. Very "classic" program : opening Benvuenuto Cellini, Manon, FANTASY, Concerto for Clarinet, Prelude and Entr'acte from Carmen ... This is a total success. French musiciyears.years.Prélude et Entracte de Carmen... C’est un succès total. Les musiciens Français sont ovationnés d’une façon délirante « à l’Américaine » et le soir, after the service, they are taken in the neighborhoods "hot" to listen to the first Jazz Band. Julien is amazed to hear these strange rhythmsyears.years.les quartiers « chauds » pour écouter les premiers jazz Band. Julien est stupéfait d’entendre ces rythmes bizarres, played by musiciyears.years.joués par des instrumentistes qui ne lisent pas une note de musique, but whose effectiveness is remarkable.
He sensed immediately that the future of music : of course, is an American music, but the French, can write JAZZ "the French", nothing otherwise.
Concerts succeed, Julien listening Buddy Bolden, Louis Mitchell and King Oliver. He is especially impressed by the Rag Time pianists whose virtuosity panic. Among them, the amazing Tom Waltham. He in turn wrote "Powell Street" name of the main street of San Francisco.
Return to Paris, Julien compulse ses notes prises aux U.S.Ab Comment faire jouer cette musique aux orchestres Français ? N'oublions pas que les musiciens sont de formations classiques, nothing to do with the "Jazz Band" Americyears.years.rien à voir avec les «jazz Band » Américains. De plus, this new music is described as music monkeys!
Then you must write songs, orchestrate, so that orchestras are valid.
En 1916, the formation of an orchestra was generally follows : Piano, (1 à 2) Violin(s) alto, cello, bass, Flute, clarinet, sax, Oboe, Horn, ConeHornnet, Trombone, battery. Once again, nothing to do with the Americyears.years.rien à voir avec les Bands Américains. Julien est mobilisé dyears.years.l’épouvantable classe 16 which leave so many dead on the front ; But, trumpeter, it is kept out of the carnagethere is maintenu hors du carnage, occasionally waking his comrades. This did not prevent him to write some songs : "Pick me up", "Luck by luck", "Baby Pink".
Tryears.years.Tryears.years.éré en 1917 Bourges, he met the American soldiers at rest and every evening, it plays music playing piano all the air he brought his trip to the USAPiano tous les airs qu’il a rapporté de son voyage aux U.S.A, it's madness. French wine helping, at dawn, the "military police" warriors back pell-mell into the casernes.Enyears.years.les casernes.En 1944 Liberation. The music gently rebuke, he joined with Tabarin Geoges Tzipine. In the morning he works with the Editions Shades Lèo Pol, father of the famous Polnareff. In the afternoon he was music director "Au Chant du Monde", specialized in Soviet music publishing. It makes editingyears.years.la musique soviétique. Il fait éditer: The symphonies of Prokofiev and Shostakovich, it performs the orchestrations Russian songsyears.years.ns russes, including Francis White will write the words: Plain my plain, The Blue Shawl, Kalinka, a song become famous with Rika Zaraiyears.years.n deviendra célèbre avec Rika Zaraï: The Casatchoc.
He started publishing his famous decrypts during the war, children's songs and skits and songs. On this dateyears.years.ns enfantines et chyears.years.ns saynettes. A cette date, his friend Eugene Foveau, trumpet teacher at the Conservatoire de Paris, asked to compose concertinos relatively easy for young students. The idea attracted him but its activities do not allow him to respond immediately to this request: "As it is difficult to write easy music" he would often say!
A miracle occurs: one piece "Temptation" published in Germany, in Rules. Discovered by an American soldier, and reduced to U.S.A, this piece has become indicative of a famous issuance. The sum of copyright accumulated since 1944 is important. Julien did not hesitate and returns to Basque Country, Ascarat to which he enjoys the peace and friendliness of the people.
Before leaving, he sells the old paper, all editions, there 28 Tons! In a quietyears.years.un calme absolu, he wrote almost all concertinos, and solo competitions for wind instruments, but he did not make the mistake to edit himself and says to the editor Robert Martin, all its educational works, which is considerable. This, excellent musician, put the power of the sales department to disseminate these works are played by students worldwide.years.years.le monde entier.
Julien Porret rewrite, 4859Hornrect and reclassify the famous Arban method for studying the trumpet. He was a pupil of Merry Frankin and Breakfast AlexandeHornrigera et reclassera la célèbre méthode Arban pour l’étude de la trompette. Il fut l’élève de Merry Frankin et d’Alexande Petit, themselves students of the famousConeHornneteux même élève de l’illustreConeHornnettiste. Il produira enfin, he trumpet method for beginning students.
Julien Porret Died 11 January 1979 Pessac, Gironde, it had 83 years.years.
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Barcode Douze Divertissements En Duos

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