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Castellum for wind band
Set Wind Band (DHP1043583-010-BA) : 161,42   Ajouter au panier

cover Castellum De Haske
Publisher : De Haske
Grade : Or:4
Genre : Orchestra
Group : Wind band
Style & options : Original music

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This work consists of two movements. The first part is rather quiet and pastoral in character, written in a gently rocking 12/8 time and expressing the tranquillity of the area around the medieval town of Oudenburg in Belgium. After a beautiful orchestral climax the second section, inspired by the Roman past of Oudenburg, begins. A somewhat oppressive and impending introduction leads to the musical reflection of an army parade: Oudenburg was a so-called “castellum,” and the remains of the fortress are still visible in the current town plan. A more dynamic passage follows featuring the low brass. After that, the solemn rhythm of the parade is recaptured, culminating in a triumphant ending.

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