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Ave Maria
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cover Ave Maria Martin Musique
Charles GOUNOD
Arr : Michel SORLIN

Publisher : Martin Musique
Grade : Or:2
Duration : 2'30
Genre : Orchestra
Style & options : trumpet solo

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8228GOUNODGOUNOD, daughter of the Inspector General of Studies at the Imperial Conservatory of Paris often went to dine with her fiancée. He regularly waited in the family room improvising on the piano. One day his future stepfather, renowned pianist hears young Charles improvise on J-S BACH's first prelude in C major, a melody which he considered lovely. GOUNOD having repeated it a second timeGOUNOD, ZIMMERMAN hastened to note it, then a few days later, he made it heard to GOUNODGOUNOD, played by a violin, a straight above. This is how the "Meditation on a BACH prelude" who thereafter, we will see how, became the famous Ave Maria, that GOUNOD did not write and that has done so much for its popularity! Add that ZIMMERMANGOUNOD, who had closed the deal with a publisher, remit à GOUNOD une somme de deux cents francs pour l'achat de l'?uvre...
But the story is not over! We are in 1852, GOUNOD, 34 years, seduced by the tender melancholy of a few lines from LAMARTINE and perhaps inclined to offer the first of them to a certain ... Rosalie his pupil, had the idea to adapt the verses in question to the famous melody :
The book of life is the supreme bookThe book of life is the supreme book
That you can neither close nor open at your choice.
The beloved passage can only be read once,
The book of life is the supreme bookThe book of life is the supreme book
We would like to fix it on the page where we like
But the fatal leaflet turns on its own
And the page where we die is already under my fingers.

The beginnings of this adaptation where the music expressed the words so well, were brought to Rosalie to whom they were dedicated. However, Rosalie's stepmother, Aurélie whose piety was frightened by the growing tenderness of GOUNODGOUNOD, could fear that such a contagious feeling would reach his daughter, whose GOUNOD never tired of hearing the divine voice. Very embarrassed and not daring to allude to her fears either withGOUNODpouvait craindre qu’un sentiment si contagieux n’atteignit sa fille dontGOUNOD ne se lassait pas d’entendre la voix divine. Fort embarrassée et n’osant faire allusion à ses craintes ni auprès de GOUNOD, Aurélie had the ingenious idea to use GOUNOD's accentuated religiosity to make him substitute for these profane words a less compromising text. She chose Ave Maria and tried to write the Latin words below the poet's verses. I saw this documentGOUNOD, it was not without difficulty but the result was quite satisfactory. Aurélie therefore showed her adaptation to GOUNOD who was enthusiastic about it all the better since her finesse of mind did not allow her to be mistaken about the secret intentions which had pushed Aurélie to this substitution. He retouched the new version and it was in this way that the exquisite stanzas of LAMARTINE so harmoniously adapted to the Prelude by BACH gave way to the prayer of the Ave Mariayears peine mais le résultat fut assez satisfaisant. Aurélie montra donc son adaptation à GOUNOD, doubtless very surprised to find herself mated to this sentimental melody!
So, on an unimportant melodic sketch of GOUNODyears importance de GOUNOD, accompanied by a prelude by J-S BACH, Joseph ZIMMERMAN will fix the melody on paper, melody to which an obscure Mme. JOUSSET will add the words of the Ave Maria! And, oh ingratitude, 8267GOUNODGOUNOD, in its final form nor to Joseph, nor to Rosalie, nor to Aurélie, but to the great singer Ms. MIOLAN-CARVALHO!
TOURGUENIEV, in one of his works will write : "Man is weak, the woman is tenacious, chance is all powerful".
decidedly, bewitching sirens sometimes do, even unintentionally miracles.
It doesn't really matter the anecdote because in the end it is GOUNOD who owes the melodyGOUNOD, and this story illustrates well the fact that GOUNOD knew how to express profane love and sacred love with the same pen.GOUNOD
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