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Paul Louis MARTIN

photo Paul Louis MARTIN

Bourguignon birth, I did my high school in Macon, where I was lucky enough to discover philosophy through an exceptional young professor Bernard Bourgeois. At the end of a brilliant career at the University, author of many major works, he was elected in 2002 at the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, Philosophy in the section. StudiesDeeply affected by his teaching, I have followed then studied philosophy in Grenoble, Aix-en-Provence and at the Sorbonne in Paris, where I have benefited from being Jankélévitch Vladimir, Alexis Philonenko, Ferdinand and many other Alquié. CinemaBetween 1965 and 1985, I have worked almost exclusively in the cinema:Critic for Cahiers du CinemaAssistant director Luc Moullet, then Gerard Blain. Widely known as an actor (The handsome Serge, Hatari, the American Friend) Gérard Blain was also a director very demanding both aesthetic that ethics. I've seen mainly in two films: The Pelican Brief and A Child in the crowd. In the Pelican, my work was the hardest that he himself played the lead role. Writer of many short films and two feature filmsDirector of twenty short films including:The Accordion Kings (co-director Odile Vacher) 1971Of Two Women (awarded at National Center of Cinematography) 1973River and the Child (broadcast by FR3) 1976And two feature films:Of the Native, experimental film 1969An adventurer named Godin, among others with Jean-Francois Garreaud, Claude Brosset, Gerard Blain. (Broadcast in prime time on FR3 in March 1985) This film is a reenactment. It recounts the life of a nineteenth century industrial (inventor of the stove Godin) who was also a Fourier and a brilliant forerunner in the social. He is among others the famous Familistère Guise. (Aisne).
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cover Divine Romance Piano Solo Robert Martin
Divine Romance Piano Solo
Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART
Arr : Paul Louis MARTIN
Publisher : Robert Martin
Genre : Orchestra
Set Wind Band (MOZA03007-BA) : 100,00
Full score (MOZA03007-CO) : 30,00

cover Adagio Non Troppo, Extrait des Lieder Ohne Worte Robert Martin
Adagio Non Troppo, Extrait des Lieder Ohne Worte
Arr : Paul Louis MARTIN
Publisher : Robert Martin
Genre : Orchestra
Group : Wind band
Style & options : Classical music
Set Wind Band (MEND03025-BA) : 58,00
Full score (MEND03025-CO) : 15,00