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photo Michel BECQUET

Michel Becquet is born 4 February 1954 Limoges.
With its fine play, its high sensitivity and its unique sound, Michel Becquet is regarded worldwide as one of the best representatives of the French school of wind instruments.
From an early age, he practiced piano and horn, following the advice of his father (himself a professional horn player) before discovering a passion for the trombone at the age of 10 years. After a few years of study at the Conservatoire de Limoges, fifteen he entered the Conservatoire National Superieur de Paris where he quickly gained his degrees.
Therefore, he will win all international competitions open to the instrument (Geneva, Munich, Prague Toulon).
It is committed to 18 First year principal trombone in the Orchestra of the Suisse Romande by Wolfgang Sawallisch, before joining a few years later the Paris Opera.
To devote himself to teaching and the creation, He left in 1989 Orchestra of the Opera for the " Hochschule für Musik " Cologne where he teaches alongside prestigious international artists.
En 1972 he founded the "Trombone Quartet Paris" with Jacques Fourquet, Alain Gilles Manfrin and Millière. These four exceptional musicians have chosen to serve with a burst hitherto unknown instrument. They had a great success and a great success.
En 1990, Gilbert Amy offered him the position of " Head of Brass Department " at the National Conservatory of Music.
Michel Becquet is permanent chief " Brass French ", formation 18 musicians at the highest level.
This brass ensemble founded in May 1989, is the union of the most prestigious soloists School Copper French.
After years of teaching at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Lyon a strong friendship and close complicity between the students of the trombone class and their teachers was created. Thus was born around Michel Becquet, l ?ensemble Octobone qui associe huit trombones, a tuba and two percussionists.
His long association with the instrument maker Courtois and resources made available by the firm have allowed him to develop the newest model trombone AC420BH.
He is now a professor at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Lyon.
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