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photo Joseph VEZINA

Joseph Vézina was a bandmaster and conductor, composer, organist and teacher, born June 11, 1849 in Quebec City, died Oct. 5, 1924 in Quebec City. He is buried in Notre-Dame-Belmont, in Sainte-Foy. Founder, in 1902, the Quebec Symphony Orchestra (QSO). Character of many talents, he was one of the main actors in the musical life of Quebec throughout his life. He was bandmaster of the 9th Battalion "Voltigeurs de Québec" and the music of the Royal Canadian Artillery (Citadelle). Vezina also founded and directed numerous civil harmony in the region of Quebec. Member of the Music Academy in Quebec, he participated in the earliest juries Prix of Europe, established in 1911. He wrote three comic operas, The Graduate (1906) with libretto by Félix-Gabriel Marchand The Rajah (1910) and The Fetish (1912) who have been very successful in their time. He had begun a fourth lyrical work, The Big Wave, a poem by Pamphile LeMay. The opera remained unfinished. It was Joseph Vézina, who directed the first performance of O Canada June 24, 1880, in Quebec City. It was nicknamed the "Waltz King Canada" and "Sousa Canada" for his military marches.
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cover Presto Martin Musique
Publisher : Martin Musique
Genre : Orchestra
Group : Wind band
Style & options : Original music
Set Wind Band (VEZI04986-BA) : 100,29
Full score (VEZI04986-CO) : 27,96