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photo DALIDA

Yolanda Gigliotti said Dalida, born January 17, 1933 in Cairo, Egypt and died on the night of May 2 to May 3, 1987 in Paris, buried in the cemetery of Montmartre (Division 18), was a singer and actress of Italian origin, later naturalized French, French-speaking but also Italian and Arabic. His father, Pietro Gigliotti (1904-1945) was the first violin at the Cairo Opera House. It is the only girl from a family of three children (Orlando, the eldest, his brother Bruno, who was born in 1936 in 1966 to take Orlando stage name, first name of the elder brother and become the agent of artistic Dalida)Iolanda (Frenchified by Yolanda) was born January 17, 1933 at Choubrah (suburb at the gates of Cairo), Egypt, parents from Calabria Serrastretta, in the province of Catanzaro. After winning in Egypt a few beauty contests, including the title of "Miss Egypt 1954", and turned in several B-movies, Dalida went to Paris at the age of twenty-one years in the hope of a career in cinema. She is quickly realize that his meager luggage weighs nothing in the eyes of French producers, and moving toward s the song: it starts at the Villa d'Este, in a directory with exotic Latin. Early in his career, Yolanda Gigliotti stage name Dalila, but that nickname doing too much thinking to mythical Samson and Delilah, it will change very quickly Dalida (on the advice of Bruno Coquatrix). His debut in the song. Looking for new talent to his Music Hall, Bruno Coquatrix Dalida remark at the Villa d'Este and the Cloth of Gold (restaurant-cabaret). He suggested a contest for fans: "The number one tomorrow," organized at Olympia. Are present Bruno Merrick, director of premises (which will change the name to Dalida Dalila), Eddie Barclay, a young record producer (who has just imported the disc LP of the United States in France), and Lucien Morisse, Director of programs of Europe 1. For the record, his career was played at 421. Lucien Morisse wishing to attend the contest and Eddy Barclay wanting to go to the movies. Lucien Morisse, overwhelmed by the beauty of Dalida, the summons in his office on Rue François 1er few days later, she recorded her first 45 quickly: Madonna, a French adaptation of a Portuguese title of Amália Rodrigues, Barco Negro. Given this limited success and a second disc, The stream, which was hardly more effective, Lucien Morisse think I have researched the title to be the hallmark of Dalida: Bambino, Guaglione in Naples, which was scheduled for the star in Instead, Gloria Lasso. It blocks the song and the record made in one night. The result: a song sold half a million 45s, more than a year in the charts (after Infodisc, No. 1 for 39 weeks) and the first gold record. Lucien Morisse invents the clubbing, Bambino runs every hour on the air of a Europe. Its momentum, sharing Dalida, a few weeks later, the same scene of Olympia, in the first part of the performance of Charles Aznavour, then American star Gilbert Bécaud. It will also be headlining at the Olympia in 1961, 1964, 1967, 1971, 1974, 1977 and 1981. Lucien Morisse, who then married (1961), takes his career in hand and quickly made a huge pop star, with hits such as Bambino, which launches in 1956, Come Prima, Gondolier, Gypsies, History of love, Romantica, soon followed by The Children of Piraeus, Ciao, ciao bambina, The Harlequin of Toledo, Itsi bitsi, small bikini, Guard me the last dance, The Longest Day, Love forgive me (amore Scusami ), Zorba's Dance, El Cordobes, Il Silenzio (Goodnight my love), Lattices of my house, Who, Little man, Ciao amore ciao, Mama, Time of flowers, Zoum Zoum Zoum, etc.. In 1969, Arnaud Desjardins introduced her to Eastern philosophy. She hesitates to end his career. She finally decides to keep singing but change directory and interprets Over time Leo Ferre and I'm sick of Serge Lama, and "pearls" original as he had just turned 18, your wife, Rain on Brussels , To die on stage, etc.. She will not give much for the very popular hits like Darla dirladada, Speak lower, Lyrics Words (duet with Alain Delon), Gigi l'Amoroso, I'll wait, Besame mucho, Woman is the night, Salama salama ago, Generation 78, The Lambeth Walk, Monday, Tuesday. Let me dance, You have to dance reggae, etc. A privacy punctuated with drama. Yet, despite this extraordinary success, the singer n is hardly happy in his private life. First, it was very marked, teenager, by the premature death of his father after the war, he spent in a prison camp because he was Italian in a country under British rule and that the Fascist Italy was the enemy of Great Britain. His relationship with his father was difficult and she would later not to have known better. Then, as adults, will succeed in life Dalida several events, including after his brief affair with the actor and painter Jean Sobieski, Leelee Sobieski's father, from 1961 to 1963 - one of the few men in her life not have died in tragic circumstances. In fact:January 26, 1967: Suicide of Luigi Tenco, the new man in her life, during the Festival of San Remo. Very affected by this death, Dalida commit, February 26, 1967, a month later, a suicide attempt. February 11, 1970: suicide of Lucien Morisse, who was its discoverer and manager and then his companion and her husband for 5 years, between 1956 and 1961. July 18, 1983: Richard Chanfray suicide, says Count Saint-Germain, his companion for nine years, from 1972 to 1981. December 1967: a student speaker Claudio Roman 22 years old, she decides to abort but fails to condemn and do not have more children. After breaking up with John Sobieski, Dalida enjoyed Christian de La Maziere (d. 2006), a journalist with a troubled past - he had fought in the Waffen SS, who was 17 years old - their story ending in 1966, he remained a faithful friend for the singer. Moreover, Dalida lived with philosopher Arnaud Desjardins between 1969 and 1971, but this being married, they chose to end the connection. After Richard Chanfray, Dalida took his life in a certain Max, a lawyer by profession, in the year 1982 and Karim Allawi, an Egyptian airline pilot, but in 1983-1984 it is served as a kind of singer as a springboard to enter the world of showbiz. Finally, at the time of his death, Dalida was François Naudy companion, a doctor, met in 1985. Again, the disappointment was at the rendezvous, the latter showing more and more elusive over time. In 2007, Alain Delon and Dalida revealed that he had enjoyed a brief and intense passion in 1960 when they were both in Rome for the filming of their respective films. The two stars had known since 1955, when, next door neighbors and strangers, one tried his luck in film and the other in the song!It has been said that she was so loved Dalida crowds that it could be the one man. Similarly, the men in her life loved Dalida but did they know and love to see Yolanda?In 1986, Dalida perform an autobiographical song, the text is Barbelivien Didier, The men in my life, very melancholy record of her love life which are outlined very clearly loves his suicide. The period of crisis experienced in 1967 corresponds to a change of direction in his career. She expands her repertoire with songs in text (with time of Léo Ferré), gets a worldwide success with the amoroso Gigi and he had just turned 18, was converted without complex and unexpected success with the disco: the remake J wait, in 1976, is a success. She then turns with talent in the film by Youssef Chahine, the Sixth Day (1986) and even plays with the leaders of review, so Mistinguett, at the Sports Palace (1980). As early as 1979 (long before the presidential election of 1981), he lends an affair with François Mitterrand (cf. J. Pitchal, Dalida, you called me little sister). A rumor, because their relationship was more than friendship. Moreover, Orlando, his brother and producer, confirmed during a commemorative programs of the singer as part of the 20th anniversary of his death: "Who has had a relationship with Mitterrand between Orlando and Dalida?" - Response to Orlando: "I, of course! ". This friendship still won the President to be called by its detractors "Mimi Amoroso". Dalida is nevertheless one of the artists who brought Mitterrand to his unconditional support for the presidential inauguration. Support which, however, has served professionally and that caused for some years, the division of his large audience well it meets quite after his death, even extending it to new generations who have not known during his lifetime. In 1986, many people wonder if Dalida has not changed sides after the political wind to Jacques Chirac in a private party Line Renaud! Tired, Dalida says she is apolytique and she sings only for his public. Moreover, hiding more and more difficult despair that lives under the happiness expressed by her songs, she ends up committing suicide in his house in the Rue d'Orchampt in the Montmartre district, during the night of 2 to 3 May 1987 following an overdose of barbiturates. It will leave a single word "Forgive me, life is unbearable". She will be buried in Montmartre cemetery. To mark the 20th anniversary of his death in 2007, many tributes were made through television, press, radio and publication of many books. Bust of Dalida Dalida on the square in Montmartre Become a star myth [edit]Dalida became involved in the defense of free radio, she was the godmother of radio NRJ and supported including his friend Max Guazzini (now president of the rugby club Stade French). Since his death, she became a real reference for the younger generation of singers. It never ceases to fascinate all categories: movies, songs (with Charles Aznavour "From the Seine to the scene") and even television with a mini-drama Dalida, in two parts, released in 2005 and directed by Joyce Bunuel with Sabrina Ferilli in the title role. In theater, Joseph and Caroline Agostini Sourrisseau write Dalida, why live in May?, A surreal and dreamlike fantasy about the singer, played by Elsa Zadkine Montmartre Theatre Workshops in 2005. A place also bears his name in Paris, not far from the street where she lived Orchampt. The festivities are numerous on the 20th anniversary of his death in May 2007. The mayor of the city of Paris spends within its walls, an exhibition of images and sounds to recall the memory of this great singer, who was also a representative of the capital. Dalida sold many singles and albums worldwide, mostly in France but also Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany (4 Titles rated), Egypt, Canada, Middle East, Japan, etc.. In all cases, nearly 125-130 million records worldwide (see. Daniel Lesueur, Dalida L'argus, P.. 27; official website). It was the first to receive a gold record for Bambino (1956-1957), a platinum record (1964) and a diamond disc (1981), created especially for her. Dalida has twice received the Oscar success of World disk (in 1963 and 1974) and the Prix de l'Académie du Disque French (1975: He had just turned 18). Refused on two occasions (1958 and 1978), an exclusive contract with the United States, which fatally hindered his American career, however, she obtained a memorable ovation at Carnegie Hall in New York in December 1978 (see. D. Lesueur, Dalida L'argus, P.. 35; A. Gallimard - Orlando, Dalida my love, p. 111; C. Daccache - I. Salmon, Dalida, pp.. 106-07; and most biographies of the artist Franco-Italian-Egyptian and listed in the Bibliography of this article). Edith Piaf, Dalida is undoubtedly the popular French singer who had the greatest influence on twentieth century. Fan Club Dalida http://clubdalida. com, today still brings hundreds of fans who come from all corner of the world. The great magazine "Dalida Forever" with a CD-ROM is available in French, English and Italian, available every three months. Today, more than 800 hits per day are recorded on the official site http://www. Dalida. com, created by Thierry Savona and Orlando (brother of singer). The two men work together to ensure continuity in the post-mortem career of singer. 21 years later, Dalida is still present.
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cover Temps des Fleurs (le) Martin Musique
Temps des Fleurs (le)
Arr : Robert MARTIN
Publisher : Martin Musique
Genre : Orchestra
Group : Wind band
Style & options : French light music
Set Wind Band (DALI00687-BA) : 67,64
Full score (DALI00687-CO) : 22,37