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He began studying piano at age 4 and continued until 1972 at the Ecole Nationale de Musique de Chalon where he was a student of Matringe Françoise Lion-class piano, music by Paul Boufil Room and Camille Roy in writing and analysis. Meanwhile, Christian starts Legardeur percussion at the Conservatoire National Regional de Boulogne-Billancourt in the class of Michel Cals, then at the Conservatoire National Régional de Dijon, where he spent two years as a percussionist with the Opera. Appointed in 1979 at the National School of Music in Vichy, he was for many years principal timpanist of the orchestra, which gave him many opportunities to work with conductors and soloists. He is currently professor of piano at the school and director of the Orchestra d'Harmonie de Vichy since 1995.
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cover Vichy - Cd Martin Musique
Vichy - Cd
Arr : Christian LEGARDEUR
Publisher : Martin Musique
Genre : CD harmonie
(CD05419) : 19,07