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Privacy policy for the “edrmartin” mobile application

1. In case of any problem or question about the application

You can contact admin@edrmartin.com who will respond to you within 48 working hours, Monday to Friday, excluding weekends, public holidays and holidays.

2. Exhaustive list of data collected:

The “edrmartin” mobile application works by collecting this data about you:
  • A valid email address : When you start the edrmartin application for the first time, you provide a valid email address which is used to create/activate your library, identified by this email address. This library allows you to group together the works you use.
  • The terminal model you are using : This information allows the company responsible for developing the application to improve the quality of services linked to the application, possibly to debug your application more easily.
  • The synchronizations of your library are recorded in order to measure the necessary level of service and adapt it, possibly allowing debugging of your application.
  • Scan images of your QR-Codes with your device's camera, are neither stored nor transmitted. Only the successful reading of the meaning of your QR-Code, which are unique validation URLs specific to each QR-Code are stored and transmitted, for the sole purpose of adding your methods to your library.
  • You can send a crash report to LiPSE Informatique when your edrmartin application encounters a fatal error and the application allows you to do so.

3. Sharing your data

The “edrmartin” mobile application is published by SARL LiPSE Informatique for ÉDITIONS ROBERT MARTIN.
Développé par LiPSE
149 route de Beaurepaire
Mail about the application: Write to admin@edrmartin.com
Tél : +33 (0)

Your data is not shared with any third parties. Only SARL LiPSE Informatique and ÉDITIONS ROBERT MARTIN are authorized to manage your data. Please note, however, that a judicial authority with a rogatory warrant can also access your data.

4. Protection of your data:

Your data is transmitted and stored securely according to current protocols which evolve with legislation while respecting the GDPR (actually TSL).

5. Deletion of your data:

Your library contains the works you have referenced. The deletion of your data implies the permanent loss of the works that you have referenced, the terminal models that you have used as well as your synchronizations.
Your data will be completely deleted after 2 years of inactivity. One month before this deadline, you will receive an automatic email warning of the deletion of your data to the address you use for your library. If you do not synchronize within one month of this email, your library will be deleted and your QR-Codes will be reactivated.

You can also initiate the deletion of your data at any time, simply send us a request - the person responsible for data confidentiality is Mr. Max DESMURS, General Director of ÉDITIONS ROBERT MARTIN (mdesmurs@edrmartin.com):
  • by email : admin@edrmartin.com
  • or by post:
    Robert Martin
    350 Chemin des Berthilliers
    CS 60112
    71 012 CHARNAY LÈS MACON Cedex
    Tél : +33 (0)385 34 46 81
    Fax : +33 (0)385 29 96 16