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Bonjour Collioure
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cover Bonjour Collioure Symphony Land
Publisher : Symphony Land
Genre : Instrumental music
Group : Saxophone
Style & options : Saxophone quartet

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Collioure! This place has been represented by the passage of so many artists: Matisse, Derain, Picasso, Duffy, Antonio Machado ...
We understand this greeting from Françis Cournet for this village. This piece is a "sardana" composed for saxophone quartet. The Sardana is a traditional Catalan dance where the dancers in a circle hold hands, accompanied by the music of an instrumental ensemble called cobla. The term also designates the music that accompanies the dance. This piece is very rhythmic, and the saxophonists share the solos, from the soprano saxophone to the baritone saxophone.
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Barcode Bonjour Collioure