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*les Mystères de l'Ouest
Wild Wild West*
cover Wild Wild West Robert Martin MARKOWITZ
Arr : Robert FIENGA

Publisher : Robert Martin
Grade : Or:3
Duration : 1'50

Genre : Orchestra
Group : Wind band
Style & options : Film and television music

Set Wind Band (MARK04520-BA) : 86,00  Add to cart
Full score (MARK04520-CO) : 20,00  Add to cart
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Wild Wild West
644The Wild Wild WestWild Wild WestLes Mystères de l’Ouest (The Wild Wild WestWild Wild West) is an American television series in 104 episodes 50 minutes (whose 28 - The first season - black and white), created by Michael Garrison and distributed between 17 September 1965 and 4 AprilApril 1969 on CBS.

In France, the series is broadcast from 9 AprilApril 1967 on the second channel of the ORTF.
The series appears on the screen at a time when western series are less popular, unlike the series of espionage, alors en plein essor ? il faut rappeler qu'en 1965, three James Bond films are already out, and a fourth is in preparation. This explains why the series is presented at the time as "James Bond on horseback" ("James Bond on horseback")[1].
Google machine translation: Original story of the work
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Barcode Wild Wild West

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