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*Quatre Pastorales Pour la Nuit de Noël, 3 Hautbois
Four pasture for the night of Christmas, 3 oboe*
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cover Four pasture for the night of Christmas, 3 oboe Robert Martin
Publisher : Robert Martin
Grade : Cycle 2
Genre : Instrumental music
Group : Oboe
Style & options : Two, three, four oboes

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Raoul Barthalay makes us enjoy the music of Louis-Claude Daquin, with this arrangement for three oboes, or three flutes.
The composer, contemporary of Rameau, wrote many Christmas pieces for organ.
From the organ to the wind instruments, there is only one step, and rightly Raoul Barthalay has crossed it.
These four pastoral careers are dedicated to Roger Page, Oboist and Professor at the Conservatoire de Lyon.
Google machine translation: Original story of the work
Barcode Four pasture for the night of Christmas, 3 oboe